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There is a good chance one of our teachers or another student has invited you to Yoga class. At the very least you have heard of yoga before. Perhaps you are inspired to try but equally nervous or unsure about what to do, what to say, what to wear etc. Well, I am going to clear all of that up for you now, starting with the number one question I am asked and ending with the answers to questions no one wants to ask. Check it. 

What do I wear!? 

Yep. That is number one. Comfort is the most important thing in Yoga and in life in general. So wear clothes that you can comfortably move around in. Gym clothes or even lazy Saturday clothes will do just fine. I would stay away from anything too baggy because in Yoga we do go upside down to some extent and our shorts shouldn’t become thongs and our shirts shouldn’t smack us in the face. Maybe a pair of compression shorts for the men and spandex top or undershirt for the ladies. Also we get to set our feet free! That means NO shoes & NO socks. Ok wear socks if you must but eventually you will love your feet so much you will never want to wear socks. (Socks also make your feet a little extra slippery too.)

What do I bring? 

We have mats, and any prop you would possibly need to make yoga work for your body. New students get first dibs on props as there are only so many. So for your first few classes, we have got you covered. After you have learned your way around yoga props and found what you just can’t live without (at least a mat) feel free to bring your own so the newer students can borrow our props. I would suggest that you do bring your own water and possibly a towel. We don’t teach “hot Yoga” but that doesn’t mean you won’t sweat.  

  • Water
  • Towel 
  • Mat 

Start to Finish

Before class:


Show up about 10 minutes early to: fill out paperwork, get a good spot (they’re all good here), use the restroom, settle on your mat, get to know your neighbor, and breathe. 

We have a lounge towards the back of the studio for you to put your things, silence your phone, and check your ego. Just in case you came to yoga to compete with yourself or anyone else. ;)

Let your teacher know if you are dealing with any injuries or issues that you may need modification for. This is actually really important and will most definitely make or break your Yoga experience. Communication is key to a healthy practice!

During Class:

Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. (it is sort of the point of yoga… and life, much like comfort)

Check that ego. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do yoga, but there is a safe way and an unsafe way. If you are challenging yourself too much you are most likely moving in an unsafe manner so chill out. No one is worried about what you look like either. Everyone else in class is either just as worried about what they look like or they have been to class enough that they don’t even notice you’re there during the actual session. Just have fun. It is a practice after all. 

Stay till the END

Yoga is super cool because after we are done stimulating our musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones) we then get to rest and let our Central Nervous System (CNS) respond to the changes we have made. This rest time is called Svasana (Sh vas a na) or corpse pose. Don’t leave during this time. A. you can’t leave as quietly as you think you can & B. you NEED it. If you just have to, let the teacher know, grab a spot by the door and leave your things in the lobby. 


You will know class is over after the teacher says Namaste and the students say it back. You don’t have to say it but you are more than welcome to. Essentially, we say Namaste and bow to show compassion and gratitude for ourselves and each other at the end of class.  It’s like saying I honor you. Pretty cool huh? Namaste

After Class

  • Clean your mat. We have the tools for this. 
  • Put your borrowed props away neatly(ish).
  • Clean up after yourself.

Communicate with your teacher. Always feel free to let the teacher know, either in passing or in private, what you liked or even didn’t like about the class. Be specific to how class affected you personally. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

Check in on social media and tell everyone how much you loved Yoga at Balanced Bodies. Presumptive huh?

The Question People Are Afraid To Ask

Last but not least, the question people are afraid to ask. Not that it will happen to you, but it has happened so you wouldn’t be the first or the last if it does. Also, we have a rule here that the teacher…um, has to claim it. So, nothing to worry about.

The difficult question: What to do if you fart in a yoga class!

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