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People have so many notions about Yoga; that it is way too hard for them to ever do, or way too easy. All the time I hear that Yoga is really just stretching, right? I’ll let you in on one of my FAVORITE things about Yoga…it can be WHATEVER you need it to be. And whatever you don’t like about it is mostly likely what you need. Having said that, let’s dive into today’s topic, the absolute best way to tap into the Yoga you need, to answer all your Yoga questions and feel the best you’ve ever felt: Yoga private lessons.

Private Yoga lessons have always been my personal favorite way to teach. Here are a few of my favorite reasons WHY:

  • I can completely cater to what the student’s needs are. If you are unsure at all about trying Yoga then this is the way to go. I have taught so many students who knew nothing about Yoga, and they are really my favorite to teach. These are the people who end up becoming so enthusiastic because of the real change they see in their lives. I’ve had students try privates who were afraid they were too injured or overweight for a typical Yoga class. I get to directly address these fears with an accepting and understanding environment and create the most comfort for that student, so that Yoga is absolutely accessible and healing for them. Sometimes I will have an entire routine set up, but have a student let me know they had a super stressful weekend. In this case we completely switch gears, change the music and the lighting, and add more props. It is so gratifying to see their faces from Savasana (final relaxation pose) as they rejoin this world feeling fully refreshed and ready for whatever is next. 
  • I love being able to fully address any questions or concerns that a student just can’t bring up in a normal classroom setting.
  • I always try to educate my students about our strategy and why these movements work and how to find ways to do them all day long. That way, you are not just counting on your lesson for your health, but you are taking control of it yourself. 
  • You can still go to regular classes, just with a better understanding and more confidence.
  • Before and after pictures are CRAZY!! Range of motion, whole body alignment, and even just the expression on people’s faces are completely different and the change is 100% positive.
  • Did I mention that our two certified Yoga teachers are fluent in massage therapy? Private Yoga students here enjoy the massage benefits of Balanced Bodies, especially on those days where they need it the most. You're welcome.

Ready for another “it-just-so-happens”? Cool, well we are offering a package deal this month so that you can experience the wonders.  If you buy our package of 3 private lessons, you will get your 4th free.  This is a great way just to try it and see if you like it.  Also, while I do want you to realize how much change you will see and how wonderful it is to try doing this one thing for yourself, feel free to invite a friend to share the price.  Of course, every time you split a private you are splitting that “catered to you” aspect, but if it makes this possibility within your means, then definitely go for it!

Even if you skip our deal this month, think about just trying this once, and noticing the difference you can feel.

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