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Yoga will help you find not only your physical strength and flexibility, but also your individual balance of mind, body, and spirit. Hatha yoga combines breathing (pranayama) with postures (asanas) and meditation. When combining these three powerful ideas you are sure to feel balanced inside and out. Our focus, whether in a relaxing or strenuous class, is alignment and working in a pain free range. With this focus in mind our classes are accessible to any body type with any amount of experience.

About Our Yoga Classes

Each of our yoga classes is designed to help students of all abilities increase their strength, balance, and mobility. We also understand that each student's body has individual limits. Unlike some Yoga studios that attempt to pressure students beyond their capabilities, we nurture students to accept those limitations and work on increasing them over time. After all, Yoga is a lifelong practice and a journey, not an end result.

We begin our classes with breathing exercises, then progress through poses to stretch various muscle groups, and move into Svasana. Students in each class are encouraged to set an intention for the class, and refer back to that intention throughout the lesson.

Balance Yoga

Balance Yoga

Improve your physical balance as well, balance your thoughts, breath, and emotional state. Perfect for beginners, athletes, and advanced yogis alike! The style and pace of each class will tune to achieve balance. A great class to attend regularly in order to regulate and re-establish equilibrium on all levels of your being.

This is a hatha yoga style class that includes meditation, breath work, and postures. Emphasizing the balance of the body, on the feet, hands, head, and all sides of the body. Beginner friendly!

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Balanced BodiesMidtown Tulsa's most comprehensive self-improvement facility. At Balanced Bodies, we bring together self-defense, self-awareness, and inner peace to empower people in their daily lives.
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