Esthetician services available


At Balanced Bodies, we offer several types of facials:

  • Mini-facials. This is a 30-minute visit that includes deep cleansing, along with a mask and high-quality finishing products suitable for your skin needs.
  • Detox facials. For oily, combination, and acne prone skin types, we use high frequency indirect current to eliminate bacteria in your pores and help prevent its return. Longer sessions include time for facial massage, deeper cleansing, additional time for extractions, and a longer mask. We highly recommend a longer session for oily skin and first-time clients.
  • Rejuvenating facials. With special cleansing for aging skin and those with normal to dry skin, we use direct or indirect current to maximize the effect of peptides throughout the process.
  • Deep back cleansing. Acne and break-outs also affect the back, arms, and necks of our clients. To combat this, we use extractions, massage, and masks to help clear the skin from congestion.

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Balanced BodiesMidtown Tulsa's most comprehensive self-improvement facility. At Balanced Bodies, we bring together self-defense, self-awareness, and inner peace to empower people in their daily lives.
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