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As many of you have experienced, we offer several types of massage therapy at Balanced Bodies. You want deep tissue? We’ve got a therapist for that. You want to relax? We have one for that! You want a bit of both? We have a therapist for that too. But what about an Athlete specific massage? WE do that too! It’s called sports massage.

Many people don’t know what that even is much less feel like it is a service they can ask for. Well, here at Balanced Bodies, we specialize with athletes. We work with local gyms, CrossFit boxes, Jiu Jitsu academies, martial arts centers, running clubs, golfers, veterans, weight lifters, body builders, yoga teachers & students, dancers, etc. to not only work out their tension or help them relax but also to help them better perform with Sports Massage.

A sports massage is typically similar to a traditional combination of Swedish (relaxing) and deep tissue massage with a little bit faster pace, and a lot more attention to the bio-mechanics (body movement) of the client. In a sports massage session, we work to prevent injury by finding weak muscles, overworked muscles, and imbalanced muscles to create the most aligned, balanced, and injury-free body we can. By adding stretches, muscle resistance, and myofascial release we are able to change the mechanics of the body over time so that you can compete at your maximum capacity.

Now is the time, if you are a competitive athlete. This is not something you should try someday, this is something you have to do for yourself. Ask any professional athlete! (We have.) You don’t want to feel beat and broken after your competitive days are behind you, do you? Sports massage is the best way to maintain your athleticism and prevent turning into a sore, old tired couch potato as you age.

If you are not a competitive or professional athlete but perhaps more of a gym rat, or even just a mover and shaker, sports massage will definitely keep you in the gym, on the mat, or moving and shaking longer and can create a more enjoyable experience as you age.

Trust me when I say, even if you are not athletic at all a sports massage still feels so good. I mean, duh, it’s a full body balancing massage so how can that not be the most enjoyable thing on the planet? But seriously though, my favorite part about it is that it’s like having someone do Yoga to you and you just get to lay there and reap the benefits of a yoga class and massage all at the same time. Try it!

We believe in the benefits of sports massage therapy and that is why for the month of August we are taking 20% off of any sports massage when you tell us you read this blog! We love writing to you and enjoy seeing your faces when you find something that really works for you. We know adding sports massage to your body maintenance plan will increase longevity, performance, and overall muscle health. It will also decrease injury, soreness, and recovery time. The time is now.

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