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Let’s be honest, jiu jitsu is challenging, sometimes frustrating, but that’s probably why you’re attracted to it. The guard pass is the most dynamic movement we practice, with the greatest number of variables of reactions and outcomes. It sucks when you've been working for a guard pass over and over until you finally clear the legs, then try to secure side control only to have your opponent shrimp out and pop a knee in between the two of you. Damn, back to square one.

How can you stop it? Here’s a few things I do that I’ve learned over the years:

There are several reasons to learn jiu jitsu. While almost any reason is a good one, here are Thomas’ top 3 reasons:

  • 1. Mental toughness:
    • Jiu Jitsu helps to develop a number of skills and attributes that increase a person’s character. Mental toughness is one of my favorites that transfers to everyday life. I see it all the time in Jiu Jitsu, people’s perseverance shines through whether it be at work or at home. In my classes I put my students in what we call “worst case scenario.” This usually involves a student starting in a dominant position and the other student has to remain calm, trust what they’ve learned and see the technique through until they escape. This style of teaching makes for a great self-defense drill but is also a good reference for when things seem impossible outside of the academy.
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