3 Great Reasons to do YOGA

You may be wondering what yoga is, if you have to shop at Lululemon, wear Tibetan Mala beads as an accessory, or have the prerequisite of folding your legs behind your head to be qualified to do yoga.

Well guess what?! Yoga isn't any of those things!

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” –Bob Harper

One of my all-time favorite things is people watching. I love it. I make up little stories about people. I study their movements and body language. Massage and Yoga has heightened my people watching skills. Now when I watch people walk and move and notice things like the way their knees turn in or out when standing, or forward head posture which results in lack of a curve in the neck, aka “Arch of life”. I see their walking patterns and the way hips tilt and rib cages compensate. It’s really strange how many people are living in pain.

All I know is I hope I never get old. I know that is impossible but we have all seen the old lady who can only manage to scoot inch-by-inch to her destination. Or the man who looks like he is bending over for something but actually that is as straight as he can sit. These postures have something in common. Their spines are hardening. There is no fluidity or mobility in the spines. Their health begins to dwindle as they shrink in height.


We have been discussing the different stages of injury and injury prevention in our latest Balanced Minute videos. Thank you all so much for watching. Let’s switch gears and read for a bit. I wanted to give you guys a little recap of the week in blog format. Enjoy.

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