Nutritional fruits for athletes

I’m writing this to give insight to what my diet is like and how it improves my Jiu JItsu experience and why it’s necessary. I have been a performance athlete since I can remember, and I wish I’d known then what I know now. When I began my Jiu Jitsu journey my diet wasn’t terrible compared to the average household, but it was nowhere near what I needed and didn’t change until I was a few years into college.

At this time I was training Jiu Jitsu every day, and like most, completely addicted. My teammates were a mix of hobbyist and pro- fighters, with a handful of guys like me. It was a breeding ground for competition, and everybody was interested in what the others were eating and what supplements they were taking. This was my first experience in which nutrition sounded like it mattered. Coincidently I was writing a paper for school about the food industry; the information I was exposed to influenced and inspired me to look at my own diet and see where I could make improvements. The diet I have now, 10 years later, has worked well to supply me with the necessary fuel to improve and then maintain my performance level. Not only that, but helps secure my place on the mat for years to come.


It’s been a while since we have given you guys an outstanding blog post and for that we are sorry but we must tell you about the amazing changes that have been happening with Balanced Bodies over the past 2 months.

We (Thomas & Shelby) recently found, leased, and are opening a new location for Balanced Bodies! Located in the center of Tulsa on 46th Pl. and Memorial, you will now have Yoga, Massage, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under one roof! We are excited to share our new space with you guys!


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The #1 thing I’ve learned about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Jiu Jitsu is challenging…

Like a Rubik’s cube that can break your arm if you twist it wrong. For every submission, there are several escapes. For every escape, there are countless counters. People compare BJJ to chess, but everything gets compared to chess. Really, this comparison is pretty apt though. You try to look into the future, learning to try predict the movements of your opponent so you can counter, throwing out a sacrifice and making them think you are over extended, but really you drew them into a trap. It’s a fantastic game, and since you learn new techniques regularly, it is vastly different every time even with the same training partner.

Why you can’t maintain your guard pass

Let’s be honest, jiu jitsu is challenging, sometimes frustrating, but that’s probably why you’re attracted to it. The guard pass is the most dynamic movement we practice, with the greatest number of variables of reactions and outcomes. It sucks when you've been working for a guard pass over and over until you finally clear the legs, then try to secure side control only to have your opponent shrimp out and pop a knee in between the two of you. Damn, back to square one.

How can you stop it? Here’s a few things I do that I’ve learned over the years:


Yoga Katy!I’m so glad to be a member of the Balanced Bodies team, and I just wanted to start off with a bit of an introduction. Who am I and what do I do!? My name is Katy (sometimes Farmer Katy, usually Yoga Katy), I teach Yoga, I am training in Massage, and I am learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am loving all of these directions, but Yoga came first for me. I remember when I first tried yoga with my mom in the nineties. Picture the big curly hair, the floral prints (clothes and couches), huge plastic glasses (wait those are back in?) and that soft glow that seems to be inseparable from that time. Just for fun I wanted to share the trailer I found for that old video.

Watch this video!

Broken wrists cause sadness from missed jiu jitsu

1. Lack of flexibility

I know I’m not the most flexible guy in the gym, but I used to be much worse. I usually shied from rubber guard, and when I didn’t I’d have to compensate space for lack of flexibility. I would always cringe at the idea of being stacked, and when it happened, I was at a loss for whatever submission I had been attempting. Not only was it limiting my jiu jitsu performance but it was also injuring me. Then I met a yoga instructor (who is now my wife). I had no idea how important the mobility aspect was or how much more enjoyable doing yoga would make BJJ for me.

The best thing I took away from it was when I hurt my lower back. My hips, like those of many other jiu jitsu practitioners, are overworked. Because of this my back went out and I bulged a disc. To fix it, I followed a series of stretches for the hips and my back healed right up. I still use those stretches to maintain hip flexibility and increase mobility. If it wasn’t for those stretches, I doubt I would have been able to continue with BJJ. I highly recommend a good yoga program. The type I take is called Hatha yoga and its focus is restorative. Because I already do jiu jitsu, which is very fast and athletic, I don’t want a yoga style that mirrors this. Yoga being so different from a combat art it gives me a very satisfying sense of balance.

Always Be Prepared: 4 Tips to Help You Have Your Best Possible Massage

Boy Scout Pledge Salute: Always Be PreparedAlways be prepared.

First rule for a boy scout, Great tip for a massage client.

I tell my clients all the time “This massage can only be as good as you allow it to be.” Typically I am referring to having open communication with them but I have noticed there are several things that can make or break a massage. 

Why Jiu Jitsu is right for you

There are several reasons to learn jiu jitsu. While almost any reason is a good one, here are Thomas’ top 3 reasons:

  • 1. Mental toughness:
    • Jiu Jitsu helps to develop a number of skills and attributes that increase a person’s character. Mental toughness is one of my favorites that transfers to everyday life. I see it all the time in Jiu Jitsu, people’s perseverance shines through whether it be at work or at home. In my classes I put my students in what we call “worst case scenario.” This usually involves a student starting in a dominant position and the other student has to remain calm, trust what they’ve learned and see the technique through until they escape. This style of teaching makes for a great self-defense drill but is also a good reference for when things seem impossible outside of the academy.
Why all the cool kids are using coconut oil

Because Dr. OZ said to, duh. But seriously though. I recently read an article written for Dr. OZ’s blog that raved about the benefits of coconut oil. The article has a lot to say about the health benefits of ingesting coconut oil, from lowering cholesterol to freeing the body of yeast and even weight loss. It barely skims the surface of how amazing it to use on your hair, skin, nails, and even for sexual health too! Yeah, we are going there.

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