Why moms like it rough…when they’re getting a massage

We as humans are emotional beings. As for women, well, we have all been accused of being too emotional. The fact is that our bodies hold on to emotional stress and pain as if it were physical. Many of you have noticed that you “carry your stress in your shoulders” or that headaches are often associated with sadness, anxiety, and worry. Women do tend to hold their emotions deep down in their muscles. The deepest massages I have ever done have been on women. Sometimes there is even an emotion release that takes place during these sessions. Emotional releases have come out as tears, laughter, and even confessions. The massage table is a place where letting go happens, and it is important that we make the time to have that release. Ensuring that we get massages often to recognize and release this emotional tension is one of the best ways to take control of our emotions. (This technically includes men too.)

Women in general are tough. I mean, could you imagine doing the normal things we deal with in our day-to-day lives with cramps, hot flashes, PMS, or in heels? Our bodies want to kill us for an entire week out of the month and we handle it! Not to mention the whole giving birth thing! Women do that! You have heard the saying “if it were up to men to repopulate the world, our species would be extinct.” I guess we will never know, so let’s not point fingers, but you get the analogy. We’re tough! We can handle some intense pain on and off of the massage table and somehow refer to it as “pleasurable”. We are a twisted group, ladies.

I know this is not exclusive to women, but most mothers take care of EVERYONE in their household (and then some) before they look at their own needs. I have to tell you, the most important thing studying Yoga has brought me is the understanding that “I cannot fill from an empty vessel.” In other words, BE A LITTLE SELFISH!! Moms spend so much time tending to the needs of children that it is easy to lose sight of their own needs. When we can take care of our needs first, we can set a good example for our children to take care of themselves, which is what parenthood is really all about, right? Relaxing for an hour while letting someone else take care of you, beat the worry out of your shoulders, and allow you to let go in a safe and comfortable environment is a great way to take care of yourself so that you may once again take care of everyone else. 

In short, women are amazing and moms have more than earned the right to have massages on a regular basis. Remind that special lady why you’re her favorite and give her a 2 hour massage. But seriously though, take care of yourselves, take care of your mother, and give the gift of massage this Mother’s Day.

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