Yoga will help you find not only your physical strength and flexibility, but also your individual balance of mind, body, and spirit. Hatha yoga combines breathing (pranayama) with postures (asanas) and meditation. When combining these three powerful ideas you are sure to feel balanced inside and out. Our focus, whether in a relaxing or strenuous class, is alignment and working in a pain free range. With this focus in mind our classes are accessible to any body type with any amount of experience.

Shelby Williams

Shelby WilliamsShelby is the founder of Balanced Bodies. As a nationally certified massage therapist and an internationally certified Yoga teacher, she became interested in natural healing after struggling with minor health issues in her teens when medicine stopped working. Shelby has taught yoga in Oklahoma City and finished an international yoga certification in Tulsa at the Yoga Spirit Academy.

She has experience teaching athletes in sports from football, motocross, & MMA to dance, gymnastics, & running. She also knows what it is like to be a beginner and knows how hard it can be to start something new, which is why she enjoys teaching private lessons. Her focus is to help athletes, especially Jiu Jitsu players, achieve full range of motion, rehabilitate injury, and improve flexibility by utilizing the breath, body mechanics, and alignment exercises. 

Katy Ellington

Katy EllingtonKaty initially decided to become certified as a Yoga instructor as a way to complete her increasingly healthy lifestyle; she studied organic farming and herbology and practiced Yoga for years privately.  She knew that becoming certified would give her a platform to help others find their best selves as well as begin to listen to their bodies for their own sense health empowerment .  

Katy discovered how crucial alignment would be for her Yoga practice and her Yoga students.   Katy shows her students that how we move (or don't move) throughout the years causes degenerative diseases, muscle and joint pain, and that making precise changes to movement can drastically improve health. Katy loves teaching new Yoga students how to de-stress and restore the body by using Yogic breathing practices, how to improve their alignment for optimal health, and how these tools can be carried with them throughout their lives.  

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