Are any of you having trouble focusing right now? Gah, I swear, all I have done today is look out the window of my office admiring the sun, bored to tears even though I have what seems like a mountain of work in front of me, and wishing I was eating a sno-cone in a bikini. I love the summer and totally appreciate the cool air conditioner but as I find myself daydreaming I can’t help but think of the people who do have to be inside and probably at a desk for 8 hours a day. I mean I have been at it for a total of 47 minutes so far and it is terrible. I was able to come up with some cool yoga tips and activities to make focusing easier and summer more fun. Get ready!

Get up! 

Move around already. Walk, stand, stretch… ANYTHING! Move as if you were outside. Step up on a chair (pretend you're climbing rocks, it's actually super fun.) Play hot lava on your way to the bathroom. You know, that game you played when you were a kid where you can’t touch the actual floor or you melt in the lava? Yeah, you remember. Stretch your arms way up in the air and see if you are still as tall as you used to me. 

But seriously though, do that or if you are a super adult and that sounds terrible (there is nothing wrong with being a super adult) then try this quick little yoga routine:


  1. Begin standing 
  2. Inhale, arms up above the head 
  3. Exhale, dive the arms down and fold forward from the hips
  4. Inhale, look up and slide your arms up your legs until your back is flat
  5. Exhale, bend your knees to plant your hands in front of you and walk back into a V shape 
  6. Inhale, drop down to you knees, come on to your belly with your hands planted beside your chest
  7. Exhale, lift up into a back bend (no crunching in the low back please) hold for 4 breaths
  8. Inhale, push back into your V (downward facing dog) 
  9. Exhale, lift the tailbone to the ceiling
  10. Inhale, look up to your hands
  11. Exhale, walk or jump your feet to your hands
  12. Inhale, arms out wide, lift yourself back into standing. 
  13. Tada! You did a baby version of the energizing vinyasa flow. Congrats! Now make your office mates do it with you. 
  14. Continue breathing

I am waiting for the day when it is common knowledge that the deeper your inhales are the more energized you can become, and the deeper your exhales are the more relaxed you become. That being said, count your breath. Take a minute (or 5 if you’re brave) and breathe in for 6 counts, breathe out for 4 or less. Use your stomach muscles to help push the air out of your body so you can make space for fresh oxygen. I bet you're trying it now, huh? Cool!

Take mini adventures

Make it feel like you are not missing out on summer by…not missing out on summer! Take mini adventures throughout the day. Make summer happen even if it's only for 30 minutes. Stash popsicles in the freezer or grab a sno-cone or gelato on your lunch break. Always keep a summer bag in the car because you never know when you may go past a splash pad in your commute. Drink a cocktail or beer at lunch (just one, this isn’t spring break for crying out loud). Play horseshoes in the parking lot or go tan your legs while you play on Facebook and drink tea for 5 minutes. Give yourself some fun and always have something to look forward to so that you can reward your hard work with 30 min summer breaks. 

Set an intention

Whatever it is that you need to do to be a better version of you, intend to be that. Find your focus by setting your intention to do so. Just speak it, write it, or even think it, but do it! 

Get your work done, earn your playtime, and have positive intentions for yourself every day! Those are my tips for focusing this summer. Blog done, time for me to sit in my plastic pool behind Balanced Bodies until my yoga class arrives. Can someone bring me a cold pop?

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