We have been discussing the different stages of injury and injury prevention in our latest Balanced Minute videos. Thank you all so much for watching. Let’s switch gears and read for a bit. I wanted to give you guys a little recap of the week in blog format. Enjoy.


The first stage of injury is the immediate inflammatory stage, this is wear Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) is most effective. (72 hrs.) I tenderly refer to this time as the “Don’t be stupid, you’re obviously not fine” stage. Listen to your body!!! RICE, know it, love it, and use it.

Next is the repair phase. Can you guess what happens here? It takes up to 8!!… 8... 8… did you read that 8 weeks for your body to lay down enough tissue to be determined as scar tissue. If you can’t wait till the tissue has formed you could very well set yourself up for chronic pain for LIFE. GROSS. You can begin to use heat therapy in this stage to increase circulation, dilate the blood vessels to rush oxygen and nutrients into the affected area. This is also the part where you attend yoga privates and get massages to increase range of motion and quicker healing by the way.

Last stage 6-8 weeks post injury your muscles can stand practically normal stress. This is where your body begins to remodel the tissue. Movement and heat therapy whether it’s superficial or deep are critical in this final stage. Hot stone massage, hot yoga, sports massage with hot packs will assist in healing and help prevent further injury.

Listen to your body to determine which stage you are in so you can correctly heal the injured tissues. Making massage and yoga a part of your life, workout, off day can help to prevent and also treat injury. Take care of that body.

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