New Balanced Bodies Team Member: Katy!

Yoga Katy!I’m so glad to be a member of the Balanced Bodies team, and I just wanted to start off with a bit of an introduction. Who am I and what do I do!? My name is Katy (sometimes Farmer Katy, usually Yoga Katy), I teach Yoga, I am training in Massage, and I am learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am loving all of these directions, but Yoga came first for me. I remember when I first tried yoga with my mom in the nineties. Picture the big curly hair, the floral prints (clothes and couches), huge plastic glasses (wait those are back in?) and that soft glow that seems to be inseparable from that time. Just for fun I wanted to share the trailer I found for that old video.

Watch this video!

See the glow I’m talking about? Takes me back to simpler times…maybe that’s why I still prefer living room Yoga in silky jammies? My life took a huge turn towards Yoga about two years ago, when I decided to become a certified teacher. This is where I met the Shelbster! And things would never be the same. Man why am I getting so sentimental here? Because I’m excited and it’s awesome!

Doing Yoga has helped me feel much more balanced emotionally, mentally, and physically. Breathing and meditation practices have permeated into my everyday life, giving me a calm confidence when things are not so cool. Teaching Yoga has given me a feeling of purpose. I love seeing people’s faces when they come out of Savasana; if their eyes are glazed and they have a sweet smile, I did my job. Awesome. I really love practicing and teaching a slower flow, so that the connection of mind and body through breath is concretely established. This style can also be used therapeutically, or just to relieve that pent up stress that every Westerner experiences. Interestingly enough, the type of Yoga I’ve come to love mirrors the Dixie Carter video I started with!

My journey has taken me plenty of places, with many more places yet to go, and I am looking forward to sharing it here with you. Subscribe to our latest blogs and videos. Keep your eye out for new classes and workshops and I will see you there!

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