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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 12:03

Be Selfish... Sometimes

One of the most important things I have learned on my yoga journey is to be selfish. That is really all you need to know but if your interest has piqued, then by all means continue reading. We have all probably heard the quote “You can’t fill from an empty vessel.” Well it’s true. If you are never depositing funds into your own “love bank” then how will you be able to afford giving, and receiving for that matter, the love your people deserve? “Learning to love yourself first brings more joy and peace than trying to love someone else.” -BPBEE

OK enough with the quotes, the seriousness of self-care is extraordinary. We are told and shown from a very young age to consider ourselves last. We are told to look out for others and be of service but that way of thinking leads to the idea that we are not that important and our needs can wait. But how can we be of service when we are empty inside? When we give ourselves to others all day and have nothing left to nurture ourselves, discover our passions, or even just enjoy OUR life?

I see this become a problem with teenage relationships and young married couples. After the relationship starts to change and perhaps becomes more serious each person stops doing what they love. They become so infatuated with the other that they literally stop doing the things that most likely attracted them to each other. I see it happen to women especially when love is new, they drop their friends or their hobbies. I see it more so in women once children are introduced to the equation. It is like they lose who they are.

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1. Get your damn phone out of your face.

2. Don't sit with your back to the room.

3. If a situation feels potentially dangerous, leave.

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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 12:41

Calling all Athletes

As many of you have experienced, we offer several types of massage therapy at Balanced Bodies. You want deep tissue? We’ve got a therapist for that. You want to relax? We have one for that! You want a bit of both? We have a therapist for that too. But what about an Athlete specific massage? WE do that too! It’s called sports massage.

Many people don’t know what that even is much less feel like it is a service they can ask for. Well, here at Balanced Bodies, we specialize with athletes. We work with local gyms, CrossFit boxes, Jiu Jitsu academies, martial arts centers, running clubs, golfers, veterans, weight lifters, body builders, yoga teachers & students, dancers, etc. to not only work out their tension or help them relax but also to help them better perform with Sports Massage.

A sports massage is typically similar to a traditional combination of Swedish (relaxing) and deep tissue massage with a little bit faster pace, and a lot more attention to the bio-mechanics (body movement) of the client. In a sports massage session, we work to prevent injury by finding weak muscles, overworked muscles, and imbalanced muscles to create the most aligned, balanced, and injury-free body we can. By adding stretches, muscle resistance, and myofascial release we are able to change the mechanics of the body over time so that you can compete at your maximum capacity.

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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 08:21

So You Think You Can't Yoga?

People have so many notions about Yoga; that it is way too hard for them to ever do, or way too easy. All the time I hear that Yoga is really just stretching, right? I’ll let you in on one of my FAVORITE things about Yoga…it can be WHATEVER you need it to be. And whatever you don’t like about it is mostly likely what you need. Having said that, let’s dive into today’s topic, the absolute best way to tap into the Yoga you need, to answer all your Yoga questions and feel the best you’ve ever felt: Yoga private lessons.

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