Pregnancy myths are fun to write about, but this next one makes me seriously a little afraid of hate mail. Hate the conventional wisdom not the person guiding you past it! This is me smiling nervously…I’m just teasing, kind of, but today’s topic is something that every American (I wonder if this is a global phenomenon?) woman ever has heard a MILLION times and that is…

“Girl you’re doing your Kegels though right?”

So there are a few things to clear up here, first being that (just as is the case with anything else) you never want to depend solely on one thing to solve a problem. Usually problems are way more complicated than a quick fix. Plus this particular problem took years to make, so a quick fix just won’t cut it, and never could.

School is back in session, and we know how much fun it is to take children back to school clothes and shoe shopping! Most schools have switched to a uniform dress code (which is lame) but kids can wear whatever shoes they want. We wanted to let you in on a couple of shoe buying tips that will help keep your children healthy and stylish! We know choosing shoes for our kiddos can be stressful enough without adding new guidelines, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible:

People have so many notions about Yoga; that it is way too hard for them to ever do, or way too easy. All the time I hear that Yoga is really just stretching, right? I’ll let you in on one of my FAVORITE things about Yoga…it can be WHATEVER you need it to be. And whatever you don’t like about it is mostly likely what you need. Having said that, let’s dive into today’s topic, the absolute best way to tap into the Yoga you need, to answer all your Yoga questions and feel the best you’ve ever felt: Yoga private lessons.

YogaKaty feet in UnshoesLook down at your shoes and let me know how they stack up to the shoe test:  

  • Do they have a heel?  
  • Just a quarter inch or more than that? 
  • Do your toes feel squished or do they have room to wiggle?  
  • Do they attach to the back of your foot?  
  • Do they attach at the top?  

This month at Balanced Bodies we are focusing on families, and I definitely want to plant the seed here that when evaluating the health of your family, footwear is crucial. As Balanced Bodies’ Certified Foot Practitioner, I might have some bad news about the shoes that are on your feet or your kids’ feet at this moment. But keep reading to realize it’s really not so bad. You’ll be glad you did.

Currently I am wearing my Unshoes, which I love dearly.  For me, they fit all the requirements that a shoe should meet.  They have a strap that goes over my foot so they are definitely attached, they have no heel and I’m wiggling my toes as we speak (I mean type?). They have many different types to choose from for everyone in the family. The ones shown here are the Wokova Feather, and you can find them at the Unshoe web site.

Yoga Katy!I’m so glad to be a member of the Balanced Bodies team, and I just wanted to start off with a bit of an introduction. Who am I and what do I do!? My name is Katy (sometimes Farmer Katy, usually Yoga Katy), I teach Yoga, I am training in Massage, and I am learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am loving all of these directions, but Yoga came first for me. I remember when I first tried yoga with my mom in the nineties. Picture the big curly hair, the floral prints (clothes and couches), huge plastic glasses (wait those are back in?) and that soft glow that seems to be inseparable from that time. Just for fun I wanted to share the trailer I found for that old video.

Watch this video!

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