8 Stress Relieving Gifts Under $30

Holidays stressing you out? Still Christmas shopping? Need some inspiration for Christmas gifts? Well you’re in luck, because I’m a great gift giver. I have made a super easy gift guide for under $30! Of course you should get a gift card for massage for your someone. And yes, you should send them to Yoga or a Jiu Jitsu class, but if you really want them to open something check this out. This Guide has affiliate links through amazon so when you shop through this guide, amazon gives us a little kick back so thanks in advance. Happy shopping! Merry Christmas.

1. A lavender scented eye pillow for anyone who needs more time in savasana.

2. A set of Yoga Tune Up®; Therapy Balls to relieve the pain of holiday season.

3. A premium yoga mat with carrier sling will keep 'em from slippin'.

4. This easy to carry dotted grid journal for keeping track of their thoughts on the go.

5. The popular Toltec Wisdom collection The Four Agreements to help them develop their own personal freedom.

6. A year's worth of meditation via Peace a Day at a Time to bring tiny moments of solace to their busy lives.

7. Remind them every day to not hold on to things with this bluntly stated yoga-themed mug.

8. Give them the gift of choice with this 24 pack Yogi tea sampler for relaxing after the holidays are over.

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